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Hogan Companies Preserve 75 Acres of Conservation Land

Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr., President and CEO of the Hogan Companies headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, announced today that the company recently completed two transactions to preserve 75 acres of woodland conservation land in Brandywine, Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

The Hogan Companies acted as the exclusive listing agent for the owner of the two parcels which comprised a total of 75 acres. The parcels sold to different buyers in separate transactions. Prior to the transactions, each parcel was voluntarily placed into Woodland Conservation utilizing programs created by Prince George’s County. Developers in other parts of Prince George’s County are able to pay an off-site forest mitigation fee for their project which places a perpetual conservation easement on these properties. The easement restricts the future development of the property as well as requires stewardship and preservation of the natural land.

With over 25 years experience in land brokerage, Hogan Companies is able to continue to create value for land owners even after their property has been encumbered by a conservation easement. “One might think that there is little value left in a piece of forested land which cannot be developed or even cleared for farming or grazing activities,” says Victor White, Chief Operating Officer of The Hogan Companies. “Even in these challenging economic times, we have found that there are buyers for preserved land who intend to enjoy the acreage for recreational purposes such as hiking, hunting, and camping.”

Victor White and Ray P. Richard, Jr. were responsible for all aspects of the two transactions. The Hogan Companies can assist land owners interested in placing their property in one of the many conservation programs offered in Maryland.

The Hogan Companies, the leading land brokerage firm in the state of Maryland has been involved in the sale of more than 35,000 acres of agricultural, commercial, industrial, mixed use and residential land throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Hogan Companies represents numerous land owners, individuals, lenders and institutional sellers of land.

Hogan Companies
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